Troubador Footsteps into the Light

Released: 28/11/2018

ISBN: 9781789015546

Format: Paperback

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Footsteps into the Light

A Comprehensive Handbook and Practical Guide into the Spiritual Life for the Enquiring Mind: Spiritu


Footsteps into the Light introduces the reader to the idea of spirituality and religion in a wide range of topics, from the incredible wonders of the everyday going into the spiritual journey in the hands of the pragmatic God of science and all creation. Ultimately we are brought face to face with the reality of our everlasting journey.

With a background of engineering science and its practical application, the author is able to take us on a voyage of spiritual discovery in the knowledge that what is so readily taken to be the paranormal and beyond understanding is really quite normal on the higher planes of realisation. It is written in a chatty style as though the author, a former teacher of the subject matter, is talking to us in a friendly manner in which we can be equally at ease while listening. Presented from a Christian standpoint, it welcomes all faiths as well as any without faith or belief.

There are passages of an interesting and complementary nature seemingly unaligned at first, but most useful in a wider appreciation of the main theme; all contained in thirty succinct chapters. It is an excellent handbook for general reading and reference, as well as for anyone seeking, or already upon, the pathway of discovery.

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