Troubador Finding Silence – and Living from it

Released: 28/02/2017

eISBN: 9781788038300

Format: eBook

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Finding Silence – and Living from it

Hints and Prompts for Every Day


This is no 'manual' but, by her inspiring reflections on the nature and quality of silence and on its transformational effect on those who experience it, as well by the down-to-earth advice she gives, Sylvia Osterag encourages her readers both to practise silent meditation and to seek silence in their everyday lives. The texts are easily understood and vary from basic advice about the best sitting posture for meditating to inspirational, often almost mystical visions of the insights, tranquility and joy that silence can bring to those who seek it, Although she was a Zen master, there are no direct references to Zen throughout the book which can be, as her first book,, Living Silence, has been used and deeply appreciated by people who follow any spiritual path or, indeed, none. The book is a valuable guide for those who practice meditation either alone during a retreat or in any way the reader likes to use them. They are comforting, encouraging and sometimes humorous and they engage with the practitioner at different moments, in different moods and at different stages of his or her practice. Above all they relate the practice of meditation with daily life. Finding Silence is to be highly recommended to all who seek silence, to those who are beginners as well as to those who have meditated all their lives.

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