Troubador Falling Blossoms

Released: 28/11/2016

ISBN: 9781785899980

Format: Paperback

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Falling Blossoms


Falling Blossoms is an evocative and wide-ranging selection of poems and tales that explores various aspects of different circumstances and cultures. A young woman with an infant and an unfaithful husband desperately searches for a family life. A man realises why he’s been evicted twice in his life. A young woman foresees her own loneliness and mortality in older age. Author Marcus moved to England himself at the age of eighteen and has included his experiences of arriving in Plymouth and the ensuing culture shock that occurred once he arrived. He also looks at several aspects of human emotion; his poem ‘Innocence’ is about losing our childhood dreams; ‘Lacrima per te’, which translates as ‘tears for you’, is the story of a mutual love; ‘Health & safety d’amore’ pokes fun at some men’s attempt at demonstrating their affection; ‘Mourning’ features the absence of words when somebody has just lost a dear one; ‘Old age’ is an old man’s reminiscing of youthful sex; ‘Awakening’ narrates one man’s self-realisation when faced with his own humanity. Falling Blossoms is a poignant and thought-provoking collection that will resonate with every reader in some way. It will appeal to fans of poetry and short stories.

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