Troubador Everyman The Pilgrim

Released: 28/09/2014

ISBN: 9781783064366

Format: Paperback

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Everyman The Pilgrim


Originally, the higher self in each of us gave birth to a 'blueprint' of how our personality was meant to be on this Earth. Every one of us humans is our own path, a pilgrim's path of unfolding the blueprint, of fulfilling the uniqueness latent within. But once we get here, many of us wrap around it a false persona, an ill-fitting overcoat of conditioning, fear, borrowed ideas and assumptions about who we are, what we should do, and how to act. Our initial task therefore is to shrug off that overcoat. To help us do so, a discarnate figure of world renown, yet who kept his identity secret except from the chroniclers, put through channelled guidance to a pupil who sat with the channel. After each session this guidance, meant for wide readership, was pondered by the pupil while in the countryside with his dog, and the queries arising from it brought responses which made him a pilgrim of the unique Way open to us all.

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Ann Hillyar

Ann was born in Eltham, London, in 1938 and took up nursing at St Mary’s Hospital, Paddington before marriage to a BP Oil executive with whom she had four children. She knew nothing of the psychical field and little of spiritual matters till both suddenly came upon her in 1980, when to her surprise she found herself part of events much later recounted by her new partner Jules Hillyar in his own book, Between Heaven & Charing Cross. She passed on in 2011.

Ann Hillyar
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