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Released: 01/04/2012

ISBN: 9781780880938

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Bring to the Light

A True Story Of A Spiritual Awakening


‘In January 2009, something very special happened to me that completely changed the course of my life and myself as a person. After a series of strange events, a Being of Light appeared and rescued me from the midst of some very dark, grotesque, threatening, red-eyed beings. At that time, I didnt know what was going on or who these spirits were. After a few incredible visions and spiritual experiences, I started to develop an inner eye and acquired some abilities that enabled me to free my soul and go soul travelling. I was still scratching the surface of this new existence; I didn’t know the meaning or why all of this was happening to me. Soon, I started to feel very hungry for knowledge; I wanted and needed to know more.’ This is the story of Benedetto Daniele Fiorista, who was inspired by a spiritual existence one day to change the way he lived. He started to read books on the subject and realised he was being put under initiation – which lead him to take a journey, which many refer to as the ‘journey of the spiritual warrior’. ‘After many tests and events, my soul started to call out for deliverance. By this time, I found myself absorbed in hours of meditation every day. I was trying to empower myself by using what I had learnt during my searches and studies.’ In Bring to the Light, Benedetto tells his story, the stages of this spiritual process and their difficulties and rewards. It will appeal to fans of spiritual books and those both searching for answers and questioning the reasons for their existence. ‘In the past two and half years, I have searched and I have found. I feel that to share this with the outer world is part of my growth.’

Summary of my book

In January 2009 after a series of strange happenings, I found myself in the midst of many dark grotesque red eyed beings. While I was trying to protect myself from them, a Being of Light followed by a Child appeared and came to rescue me. Since then my life changed completely; nothing for me was or is more important than the pursuit of the true meanings of this and many other events. I started to experience strong visions as my inner eye began to open up giving me a strong connection and a sense of belonging with the Spiritual Realms. Driven by the desire to search for answers and truths, I spent my days and nights immersed in intense meditations and studies. Slowly I began to progress from a stage of ignorance and frustration to one of greater awareness, unveiling the mysteries of my visions and some of the old sacred scriptures, giving me an understanding of the realities in which we live. From my awakening through to my Tests of Initiation I experienced many highs and lows having only faith and an open child-like mind to sustain me. I was guided to visit some of the Sacred places on our planet in order to fulfil my mission although, at this time, I did not fully comprehend the meaning or purpose of my actions. With my consciousness I travelled into the Underworld, confronting and fighting with demons, likewise I was taken to places where the joy was so great that I felt it could destroy my physical body. I witnessed many things and different realities such as the Battle of the Angels, The Holy Spirit and the Heavenly Realms. Travelling through many thresholds of light, I saw myself as a Spiritual Warrior fighting for good both above and below. Most importantly I have acknowledged the power of Christ, The Holy Mother and The Living God.
In the end I realised this was just part of a path to reach the Gates of Wisdom allowing us to achieve the state of Enlightenment. In this book I am providing the tools for the ones that have ears to understand. Also, as a result of my personal experiences, I became a witness to some of what lies beyond the illusions of our Earthly realities, with all its ties and limitations, which I now share.
Through the Sacred sayings of Jesus and others ancient scripture mysteries are disclosed on different levels.
Once more, I can confirm through my experiences that which has been predicted for thousands of years about the current time; that we are living in the Age of the Divine Mother – The Age of Transformation of Mother Earth and Humankind.

Sintesi del Libro

Nel Gennaio del 2009, dopo una serie di strani avvenimenti, mi ritrovai in mezzo a una moltitudine di esseri grotteschi dagli occhi rossi. Mentre cercavo di proteggermi da loro, apparve un Essere di Luce seguito da un Bambino e fui salvato. Da allora la mia vita cambiò radicalmente: niente per me era ed è più importante che perseguire il reale significato di questo e molti altri eventi. Cominciai ad avere delle intense visioni, speciamente dopo l’apertura del mio occhio interiore, dandomi una forte connessione e un senso di appartenenza ai Regni Spirituali. Guidato dal desiderio di cercare risposte e verità, passavo i giorni e le notti immerso in profonde meditazioni e studi. Pian piano iniziai a progredire da uno stadio di ignoranza e frustrazione ad una consapevolezza maggiore, scoprendo i misteri delle mie visioni e alcune delle antiche scritture sacre, che mi hanno donato conoscenze sulle realtà in cui viviamo. Dal mio risveglio, tramite i miei Test di Iniziazione, ho vissuto parecchi alti e bassi, col il solo sostegno della fede e mantenendo una mente aperta come un bambino.
Sono stato guidato a visitare alcuni dei luoghi Sacri del nostro pianeta allo scopo di adempiere la mia missione, sebbene in quel momento non comprendessi pienamente il senso e lo scopo delle mie azioni. Con la mia coscienza ho viaggiato nel mondo degli inferi, affrontando e combattendo contro demoni, allo stesso modo sono stato condotto in luoghi dove la gioia era talmente grande che pensavo potesse distruggere il mio corpo materiale. Ho assistito a molti eventi e diverse realtà, come la Battaglia degli Angeli, lo Spirito Santo e i Regni Celesti. Varcando molte soglie di luce, ho visto me stesso come un Guerriero Spirituale che lotta per il bene sia in alto che in basso. Cosa più importante, ho conosciuto il potere di Cristo, lo Spirito Santo e il Dio Vivente.
Infine ho realizzato che ciò era solo un tratto del percorso per arrivare ai Cancelli della Saggezza, che ci permette di raggiungere lo stato di Illuminazione. Con questo libro io offro gli strumenti a coloro che hanno orecchie per intendere. Inoltre, per le mie esperienze personali, sono diventato testimone di parte di ciò che c’è oltre le illusioni delle nostre realtà terrene, con tutte le loro catene e limiti, che attualmente io condivido.
Attraverso i detti Sacri di Gesù ed altre antiche scritture, i misteri vengono scoperti e svelati su diversi livelli. Ancora una volta posso confermare, tramite le mie esperienze, ciò che è stato predetto da migliaia di anni sul nostro tempo attuale, cioè che stiamo vivendo l’era della Madre Divina, l’era della Trasformazione della Madre Terra e del Genere Umano.

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The National Spiritualist–Summit

Get your mind and heart completely open before reading this book: this is the first suggestion I feel to give to anyone. This is the story of TRUE experiences, I have no doubt, but I'm also sure that most of people is sceptical about everything they can’t feel through our five senses: we believe what we SEE with our eyes or TOUCH with our hands, but I think there is more, much more beyond this touchable world. I’ve always thought that we build some limits in our mind by ourselves, because we’re frightened of the unknown, so we often give little meaning to the signs we may receive, trying to explain it’s all about our imagination. Actually we know well that life and world are made of material and spiritual, whoever experiences the holy reality is blessed in a particular way because his heart and mind are open and ready to receive, like little children. The author of this book feels a strong need to share his extraordinary experiences with other people and I think he has different reasons to do it: first of all he has to “bring to light” what he passed through, that is let people know ; but he has also to “bring” people to the “Light” , that is the Divine Light, he wishes that each person who’s reading about his meditations, visions and dreams could be supported to give a deeper listening to that little voice that sometimes we hear inside.
I like this way of approaching spiritual matters, because it’s not about a religious label, not at all, there isn’t a list of right things and wrong things to do or not, it’s rather about asking help and guidance from above, it’s about a strong willing to acknowledge and learn, it’s about letting the Divine come into us. This is what I think after reading this book, we often hear people telling bizarre stories, who give us the impression of being “strange” or “mad”, but I’m certain, now more than ever, that it’s only because of OUR restrictions that we aren’t able to see beyond our nose.

by Vita

Like many I have been agnostic for a large part of my life fueled by an innate dislike and mistrust of conventional religions but in recent times I have felt I am missing something and found the desire to look beyond. I read this book not knowing where it might take me but then isn't that the point of seeking?

I would say that Bring to the Light is partly a mesmerisingly honest narration of an unsought spontaneous and palpable connection with Spirit that clearly sent the author on a rigorous, beautiful pilgrimage from denial to total surrender but beyond the bio I found a connection and significantly deeper message in the unexpected layers and truths contained within - so much so that I will be compelled to review and revisit certain parts over time to properly absorb what I believe I need to take to into my essence. I have been blessed, humbled and given hope by this guy's courageous journey and his absolute knowledge that the Divine lies within us all. Namaste Benedetto and bon voyage.

by Liz


by Caz

When I first read "Bring to the Light" I was put off by the numerous spelling and grammar mistakes in each chapters.However, something within me has guided me to carry on with reading the book. I have not been disappointed, this book has brought me hope . Enlightenment is not only for a few chosen one, it is for those who are ready to put the time, energy and discipline in finding that state of being. I have read many books on spiritual development but this one is different, it is written in such a way that one knows that the path to enlightenment is accessible to all. There are many ways that leads to the light , the path that we choose is up to us, it is the DESIRE and INTENT to find the light that matters. Benedetto has that desire and he has definitely the right intent. A Great inspiration to all of us. Thank you.

by Ms. V. Y. Ciquet "angelight"

Benedetto Daniele Fiorista

Although I was born in Sicily, Italy I felt the desire to travel so qualified as a diving instructor and worked in some places around the world. In 2000 I found my life changing again and moved to the UK where I entered the business world which gave once more the opportunity to travel and visit different places and cultures around our planet. In 2009, after an intense spiritual awakening and some other very powerful spiritual experiences that shook me to my core, I discovered hitherto unknown parts of myself giving me an entirely different view of the purpose of my existence on planet Earth. For the last three years I have dedicated my life to search and unveiling truths of our existence.


Nonostante sia nato in Sicilia-Italia, ho sempre sentito il desiderio di viaggiare, così dopo aver preso il brevetto di istruttore subacqueo, ho lavorato in diversi posti in giro per il mondo. Nel 2002 la mia vita è cambiata ancora una volta, trasferendomi nel Regno Unito, dove sono entrato nel mondo degli affari, avendo ancora una volta l’opportunità di viaggiare e visitare diversi posti e culture del nostro pianeta. Nel 2009, dopo un intenso risveglio spirituale e fortissime esperienze mistiche che mi hanno scioccato nel profondo dell’anima, ho scoperto dei lati di me stesso fino ad allora sconosciuti, che mi hanno portato ad una visione totalmente diversa dello scopo della mia esistenza sulla Terra. Negli ultimi tre anni ho dedicato la mia vita alla ricerca e alla scoperta delle verità della nostra esistenza.

Bring To The Light - A True Story of A Spiritual Awakening
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