Troubador Between Heaven & Charing Cross

Released: 28/09/2016

ISBN: 9781785899614

Format: Paperback

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Between Heaven & Charing Cross

A true story of interworld rescue


The true story I have to tell is unusual even within its own genre. For instance if one accepts that The Seven were discarnate, having survived physical death, then they were certainly not recent arrivals trying to prove their case or report on the afterlife. Nor could they be called channelled teachers or guides. They were a group of young men who as part of their spiritual growth chose to rescue those trapped between their world and ours, and who needed the back-up of a team on earth. "You push and we'll pull!" neatly summarized it. Our recording of that work was intrinsic to their larger purpose. But intrinsic to us was our unique adventure with them as individuals, operating, one must add, through a reluctant medium: the cross-currents of relationship over issues that arose, the doubts and dilemmas, the merging of interests and clash of viewpoints, the multifarious portrait of different worlds thrown strangely together by their coming to a village house in Kent. Here is an epic portrayal of earthbound rescue, the extraordinary real-life adventure of a group working out of this world yet in Langton Green, with aspects such as reincarnation, the group-soul, otherworld knowledge, the spiritual path, even Eastern discipleship. It is also a call to those who have their compassionate part to play in the book's planned outcome.

I find both volumes fascinating and really enjoyed the read because it gives support to my existing knowledge of the subject from a source that I have met, and can trust.

by Cressida Mattei

How fascinating I found both books! They were such a revelation and answered so many important questions. The accounts of that work with Peter, Valerie, Ann and Jules have given me a much greater understanding of this world into the next. I'm very grateful.

by Lucy Carruthers

The message of this book is a powerful one and more so because written about real people and their story. I found myself being moved, intrigued, reflective and smiling as I read. Both volumes have helped my understanding and opened up the possibilities of learning, growing and becoming more aware in this life.

by Alison Gaffney

I found this book aligned with all my own inner promptings but had never been able to put into words. I am so grateful that Jules Hillyer wrote this book, from the moment I picked it up I could not put it down. It is an enlightening story with a call to action, so many people would be helped if they read this book, it has certainly opened my eyes to the fact that we need to pause in our busy lives and remember to expand our consciousness, earthly life is a schoolroom for what we call death, which is just the next level of consciousness, this book prepares us for this, so it is a must read.
It has been life changing for all those I have given copies too, and for those who have taken it from the library at "The College of Psychic Studies" in London, have found their questions answered.

by Annabel Penny

Jules  Hillyar

1948 born and bred in the southern English countryside, Jules Hillyar grew receptive to the invisible side of nature and before long to his major impetus. By the time he met Valerie in 1965 he had already walked out of school, family, and conventional life to pursue psychical studies, synthesising their overall picture with that of metaphysical knowledge worldwide. In 1972 he was drawn in by Valerie to the Ashdene situation as advisor, thence remaining one of its four central participants. His alliance is solely among them in the book’s purpose. As far as he knows from his years in the psychical field nothing like it has appeared before. Nor could anyone else have written it. He is the only person who knows what happened throughout, the one who was left its tapes, and the one whose promised role was its fulfilment.

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