Troubador Between Heaven & Charing Cross: Volume Two

Released: 28/02/2017

ISBN: 9781788037044

Format: Paperback

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Between Heaven & Charing Cross: Volume Two


The extraordinary real-life adventure story of this rescue team leads on to show how Volume One was just the handle of a group soul instrument. Volume Two is its business end. Talks abound, rescues get tough, tensions build and issues reach their climax as the point is made to discerning minds. Once and for all Peter has to make his life choice, upon which hinges the future of Ashdene. But the future of that issue which compelled a plan of incarnation for so many, is still open to their taking its handle and using the business end in succour of ordinary folk who pass over daily with a problem of perception – a problem increased now by commoner belief in scientific materialism's paradigm. When asked what help today's New Age culture is giving, one discarnate helper answered: "Very little. Its practitioners and teachers are still ignorant of our viewpoint on the whole. Nobody's listening properly. Nobody's truly caring among those who do have knowledge, even though the problem is closer to you than your ecological one. And because it is closer, it's also easier for caring souls on your plane to remedy with our full cooperation. This extra mass of earthbound humanity compounds the situation you encountered in your rescue work earlier. It needs understanding and strong minds to sit in harmony and focus concerted thoughts of love onto whatever picture they have of these unfortunates, also to inform them out loud. As you know, the effect will be more powerful from your side and will link up with our own. In principle it's the same tactic for a mass of lost ones as for individuals: You push and we'll pull!"

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Jules  Hillyar

1948 born and bred in the southern English countryside, Jules Hillyar grew receptive to the invisible side of nature and before long to his major impetus. By the time he met Valerie in 1965 he had already walked out of school, family, and conventional life to pursue psychical studies, synthesising their overall picture with that of metaphysical knowledge worldwide. In 1972 he was drawn in by Valerie to the Ashdene situation as advisor, thence remaining one of its four central participants. His alliance is solely among them in the book’s purpose. As far as he knows from his years in the psychical field nothing like it has appeared before. Nor could anyone else have written it. He is the only person who knows what happened throughout, the one who was left its tapes, and the one whose promised role was its fulfilment.

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