Troubador Behind the Rods

Released: 28/03/2019

ISBN: 9781789017991

Format: Paperback

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Behind the Rods

Tales of a Witch and a Wizard


A young woman, aware from early childhood that she possessed unusual psychic powers, and convinced that in a previous life she had been a witch, fled her troubled background and sought peace and fulfilment in another land.

Here, she found herself surrounded by a supportive circle of like-minded friends and through an amazing stroke of synchronicity was to meet Bob, an experienced water-diviner.

Together they honed their skills, feeding and strengthening each other’s mystic gifts.

They will take you on a fantastic journey, following their rods, searching new, incredible experiences from basic water dowsing, to investigating the powers and mystery of earth energy and into the world of spirits, until they finally find their personal ‘grail’.

This true story of real people and events will challenge many but will captivate and fascinate all.

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