Troubador Be the Human Sunshine

Released: 28/04/2015

ISBN: 9781784620318

Format: Paperback

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Be the Human Sunshine

Future You Journey Journal


More often than not, we are looking at changing the world, but often we do not look within to see what we can change within ourselves. Change begins with us. Be the Human Sunshine is not a fluffy, girl’s best friend. It is rather an intimate place where real life struggles, disappointments, weariness, sorrow and joy are roads travelled, experienced and documented to prompt change. It is a space for the reader to have an intimate relationship with a paper friend – kept for personal use or shared with family and friends. This journal offer readers the chance to write their own book. Used as a written vision board, notes, jottings and pictures can be added, assisting both emotionally and spiritually to mend relationships and achieve dreams and goals. Full of beautiful illustrations and thought-provoking questions, it provides inspiration and motivation to open readers’ hearts to change, celebrate joy in life and be glad for all they have experienced, knowing that the best is yet to come. Regular journaling has many benefits and is an invaluable tool: it reduces stress, promotes healing and encourages personal and spiritual growth. Be the Human Sunshine provides an outlet for this, making it possible for readers to capture their life story and reveal different aspects of themselves in order to deal with the many trials of life. Similar to Peter Coxon’s Dear Future You books, this journal makes a great companion and collector’s item for anyone looking to make positive life changes. It is the first in a collection of books from Clare Bostock.

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Just ordered this book and im so looking forward to reading it, ive met Clare and she is such an amazing woman, truly inspiring.

by katie

So excited to read this book - waited for a long time for you to release and cannot wait to buy some copies to give to the special people in my life - the people are my Human Sunshine

Will leave my book review on I have my hands on a copy.
Good luck

by Lucky

Clare Bostock

Clare Bostock is an inspirational speaker and writer dedicated to helping people live a fulfilled life.

For over 23 years through her work, she has helped those suffering illness, addiction and a variety of other causes contributing to homelessness. She, along with her team have helped change the lives of countless vulnerable homeless young adults, men and women from the United Kingdom, and all around the world. Clare leads with the simple message for us all to Be The Human Sunshine.

I have never met so many people with nothing, but so much of themselves to give. Their courage leaves me breathless. The hundreds of people I have worked with inspired Be The Human Sunshine. They are the greatest authors, each with a thousand stories to tell of fear, hope, sorrow, pain and joy.

Do we all not deserve to live life among the flowers as part of the fragrant. Is it not our duty as human beings to all come together and work at improving the lives of others? What a beautiful thought, you need not wait a single moment to change a life, simply share your inner sunbeam with the world. The first beat of change leads to the second, third and so on...." Clare on homelessness.

Clare has two children, she currently resides and works with homelessness in her hometown of Liverpool, England

Author Clare Bostock

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