Troubador Appearance and Inference

Released: 28/08/2018

ISBN: 9781789014556

Format: Paperback

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Appearance and Inference


In a world befuddled by the concept of ‘fake news’, where words like ‘post-truth’ are common parlance, it is essential that we consider exactly what we think we know, what we do not and how we come to acquire such knowledge. The analysis of truth should come from an unbiased perspective and be critical of the various shibboleths that we take to heart. Appearance and Inference aims to identify the nonsense in as many knowledge-related platitudes or false assumptions as possible in just over a hundred pages. 

Intentionally short and aphoristic, Appearance and Inference will undoubtedly provoke debate, whether or not its readers have previously considered the nature of knowledge. It is also expected to excite its academically astute readers to develop some of the analyses further. It aims to encourage the reader to think through a number of difficult matters and to exercise their own judgment, instead of supplying answers in a pre-packaged form. 

Inspired by the aphoristic philosophical style of philosophers such as Wittgenstein and Nietzsche, this is a book on the theory of knowledge, written by a philosopher who has had the benefit of a scientific and forensic training. It is designed for both the professional philosopher and the general reader.

See also, Essays on Mind and Sentiment, by Edward Allbless, published in 2015.

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Edward Allbless

Edward Allbless was schooled in the natural sciences and holds a degree in Philosophy from Magdalen College, Oxford.

He is a solicitor by profession.

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