Troubador The Trial of William Shakespeare

Released: 28/11/2015

ISBN: 9781784625146

Format: Paperback

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The Trial of William Shakespeare


Here is a book that will bring a breath of fresh air into your Shakespeare class; an exercise of surreal imagination that brings Shakespeare to life in order to defend himself against all who have suffered as a result of his overwhelming success.

Tormented by the challenge of having to try and understand his complex works in order to pass exams, his victims are represented by their champion the Prosecutor, who accuses Shakespeare of mental cruelty. Using characters from some of his well-known plays to spearhead his argument, the Prosecutor builds a strong case with the view to destroying Shakespeare's reputation and thus releasing the stranglehold he has over the English education system. But is he up to the task?

Realising how they have been used by the Prosecutor, Shakespeare's characters hatch a plan to try and persuade the Prosecutor to drop his charges in order to secure their continued existence. The outcome, however, is not one that they could have predicted; nor for that matter, is it one that the Prosecutor or even Shakespeare could have foreseen. The Trial of William Shakespeare provides a gateway into the world of Shakespeare and his plays, allowing you to bring your students into contact with many of the important aspects of his life and times that help to lead them to a deeper understanding and appreciation of the man and his works. And all through the medium of a play script – what could be more appropriate?

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