Troubador The Primacy of Your Eye

Released: 28/11/2016

ISBN: 9781785891120

Format: Paperback

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The Primacy of Your Eye

Your guide to becoming more intimate with the art you love


A unique and beautifully illustrated handbook for all art lovers who wish to commune at a deeper level with paintings. Narrated by the author, each topic is covered in broad depth to open the viewer’s eye to understanding the history of art, artists’ intentions, approaches and techniques, and style and influences – from early Renaissance to Modernism and contemporary art. It takes the reader on a journey exploring many of the most important aspects of enjoying art and appreciating the depth of its complexities, in a leisurely and non-intellectual, elitist way. Without the need to wade through masses of text, The Primacy of Your Eye provides readers with accessible points so that they can become more involved with art. This book includes a wealth of information on specific artists and paintings from the last 600 years. The Primacy of Your Eye can be read sporadically or as a whole and will appeal to readers with a passion for art. Readers require no previous knowledge of techniques, simply an enquiring mind will suffice. This book presents expert information in a quick and easy to understand format.

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