Troubador The Dream That Died

Released: 06/05/2008

ISBN: 9781906221836

Format: Paperback

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The Dream That Died

The Rise And Fall Of ITV


A unique insider account of the rise and fall of ITV, as seen through the fate of Granada Television, and the ripple effect on the standard of broadcasting we see on our screens today. The unfolding of the story of 25 years, in which “The best broadcasting system in the world” was turned into “Ignorance and self-interest, the idiocy and feeble mindedness that is 21st century ITV”.

A book based on more than 90 exclusive interviews with key players who had their hands on the money, and the power, behind commercial television, but who saw politicians, businessmen and broadcasters convert high quality public service broadcasting into a ratings driven commercial wasteland, undermining the BBC and Channel 4.

Accompanied by a collection of original photographs, The Dream That Died is essential for anyone involved in, or learning about, the broadcasting industry.

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