Troubador The 9.5mm Vintage Film Encyclopaedia

Released: 28/07/2020

ISBN: 9781838592691

Format: Hardback

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The 9.5mm Vintage Film Encyclopaedia


Written in both English and French, The 9.5mm Vintage Film Encyclopaedia provides a single-volume, comprehensive catalogue of all known 9.5mm film releases, including: 

Films: Comprising 12,460 individual entries, this A-Z reference index provides the main listing for each film and its origin where known, along with additional information including cast and crew, and cross references to other relevant material.  

People: This index of all known actors and film crew, comprising over 12,000 names, provides a listing which is cross referenced to the main entry for each original film they worked on.

Numbers: Pathé-Baby/Pathéscope and other distributors’ catalogue numbers, film length, release dates (where known) and the series in which the films were organised, are set out in detail.

With a foreword from eminent film historian and filmmaker, Keith Brownlow, this extensively researched text explains the importance of the 9.5mm film, from its beginnings in the early 1920s to becoming synonymous with Home Cinema throughout Europe. Readers will also find a brief technical explanation on how 9.5mm films were produced, along with relevant images.

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