Troubador Stefan and other plays

Released: 28/03/2014

ISBN: 9781780883946

Format: Paperback

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Stefan and other plays

A Collection of Theatre Plays


A collection of theatre plays on different themes.

Stefan is the dramatisation of a notorious miscarriage of justice in which Stefan Kiszko served 16 years in prison after he was wrongly convicted of the assault and murder of an eleven-year old girl. The protagonist is his mother Charlotte, a working class immigrant widow; she waged a one woman campaign to secure the freedom of her only son which eventually came about when it was forensically established that he could not have committed the offences.

May Day New is a political satire, the events taking place in the period immediately before the May 1997 election of the first ‘New Labour’ administration under Tony Blair.

La Mort De Roland is a one act play featuring three actors of whom only one is heard to speak, another responds inwardly while the third remains silent throughout. The dialogue is overlaid by an ambiguity that remains unresolved to the very end of the play.

The Garden is a tragedy in which the protagonist, a traditional trades union official, is seen holding doggedly to his ideals in the face of the tide of changes swirling around him, and struggling at the same time to resolve inner contradictions. He is brought down by inflexibility and a single lapse.

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