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Released: 28/08/2014

ISBN: 9781783065042

Format: Paperback

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Play Guitar


Play Guitar is a new guide from professional guitar instructor John Snowdon. Based on over fifty years of experience, the aim is to give the beginner a simple introduction to making music with the guitar, with progressions included to encourage various facets of technique. There are many ways in which a guitar can be played: as a solo instrument, or as an accompaniment to a song. This book provides the skills and knowledge for the player to accomplish both of these aims. The pieces of music included are graded from beginner to advanced level, and most of them were written by the author himself. Also included is a small amount of musical theory. With knowledge of the ‘grammar’ of musical construction, the player will gain a wider understanding and thereby a greater enjoyment of music, which is more satisfying that the mere playing of chord progressions. Taking the beginner from identifying important aspects of the guitar such as the fret board and how to hold it in the right position, to reading music and the different instructions required for practical exams, Play Guitar teaches the player everything they need to know. It is an excellent tutorial for a first-time guitar player, and a fine addition to the library of any guitar enthusiast.

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