Troubador Passages in Time

Released: 28/11/2018

ISBN: 9781789014112

Format: Paperback

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Passages in Time


Offers a unique and critical witness to significant historic photographs, from the period of the inception of photography to the Edwardian era. 
Asserts historic photographs as vivid and lyrical artefacts which live both as a source of enrichment in contemporary artistic experience, and as documentary witness to our own age. 
Shows photography as an art in intimate cultural conjunction with painting and literature. 

We cannot travel back into the past! 

In the garish light of the blaze of contemporary ‘selfies’ and of the digital editing of photographs, photography has lost contact with the abstract impact and the purity of dimension of historic photography. Historic photography offers, instead, a unique and vivid witness to the lived experience of the past - in our own age. 

In his new book Keith Steiner brings us face to face with historic photographs as both the camera’s memories, and as definitive and enduring entities of the present. He explores how our perceptual dialogue with historic imagery is also an encounter with the bias rooted in our register of the literary, the optical, and the cultural. 

Keith Steiner’s authoritative, perceptive, illuminating, and penetrating text focuses key examples of historic photography in their fullness of register as artistic, perceptual, philosophic and cultural jewels. These mysterious, haunting photographs are thus revealed by the author in the full light of our age as sometime lyrical, metaphorical encounters of prose and poetry; and equally, and eternally, as of the fabric and geometry of now.

(14/1/14) Review of my book in the 'Banffshire Journal'.

(18/1/14) Review of my book in the 'Paisley Daily Express'.

Reviewed in 'The Scots Magazine'(04/2014), 'Amateur Photographer' (01/02/2014) and the 'Knock News' (03/2014).
Online review in 'Daily Mail Online (01/2014).

Publication of 'Alexander Gardner: Visionary Photographer of the American Civil War'

Reviews in 'The Scots Magazine' (08/2016), and online, including 'Vedette', the online newsletter of the American Civil War Roundtable (UK).

I appeared on the STV programme 'Peoples' History' in a segment on the life and work of Alexander Gardner.

By invitation, presented lecture at Historic Environment Scotland monument, Duff House on 'Scottish Photographers of the American Civil War'.

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Keith Steiner

Born: 1953

Retired from schoolteaching in 2007.

Have worked since as a teacher caseworker, and part-time guide in a Historic Scotland monument in Aberdeenshire.

2008 My first trip to USA to research the work of Alexander Gardner.

More information is available at my website:

Keith Steiner

'In the Footsteps of Alexander Gardner at Antietam and Gettysburg'
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