Troubador On the Boards with Blowers

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Released: 28/09/2019

ISBN: 9781838590956

eISBN: 9781838597337

Format: Paperback/eBook

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On the Boards with Blowers

Theatrical Adventures with Test Match Special Tales


Old friends and Test Match Special colleagues, Henry Blofeld and Peter Baxter had many outrageous tales of life in and around the radio cricket commentary boxes of the world. So in 2012, the two embarked on a tour that saw them take their hilarious stories onto the stage in a two-man show.

They soon found themselves treading the boards in the West End, at the Edinburgh Fringe, and travelling as far afield as Australia. The extraordinary characters who inhabited that commentary box – quite apart from the remarkable Blowers himself – featured prominently. There was the ebullience of Brian Johnston; the enormous thirst of John Arlott; the eternal scattiness of Christopher Martin-Jenkins; the mischief of Jonathan Agnew and a host of other walk-on parts.

On the Boards with Blowers looks behind the scenes of creating this unique show, as well as regaling readers with many of the side-splitting tales themselves. It is a book to be enjoyed by cricket fans and the general public alike.

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Peter Baxter

Peter Baxter was for 34 years producer of BBC Radio's 'Test Match Special', working on the coverage of over 400 cricket Test Matches. He also commentated himself on 40 of them and many more one-day internationals, including the first nine cricket world cups.

In 42 years in the BBC, he produced many other outside broadcast events, including rugby, rowing and the great occasions of state and has written or edited seventeen books.

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