Troubador Inspired by Sark

Released: 28/04/2022

ISBN: 9781803130859

Format: Paperback

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Inspired by Sark

The Story of the Sark Art Group. Who What, When.


To some on Sark, and to a few further afield, the Sark Art Group was a group of keen young artists if the 1930s who lived for periods of time on the small Channel Island of Sark. To others, the Sark Art Group was a group of sandal-wearing early hippies, whose main claim to fame was wandering about the island naked, shocking the Sarkees and building a strange-shaped gallery that held wild parties and nearly fell down, even before its grand opening ceremony.

Whilst some parts of both views are true, they also contain distortions of the truth. More importantly both miss out on a wealth of stories about the members of this bohemian group and the descriptions of a microcosm of what was happening in the art world between the two world wars. This book describes where art created by the Sark Art Group members fits into art made on Sark over the years; why an art group was formed; who the members and exhibitors were, as well as descriptions of their fascinating web of connections; and what happened next.

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