Troubador Inkhorn's Erotonomicon

Released: 01/11/2012

ISBN: 9781780883151

Format: Paperback

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Inkhorn's Erotonomicon

An Advanced Sexual Vocabulary for Verbivores and Vulgarians


For all those with lex on the brain, Inkhorn’s Erotonomicon presents a unique lexicographical survey of love and lust in all its dimensions: sociological, somatological, sexological and sexosophical.

Shunning the bland and the boring, eschewing common slang and swearwords, Inkhorn’s Erotonomicon – The Book of Sex Words – is the first dictionary to gather together the obscure and the obsolete, the otiose and the ostentatious, the outlandish and the outrageous, showcasing words you would never otherwise have known existed for things you would never have believed possible.

Inkhorn – your intrepid word-hunter – brings you a dictionary which combines erudition with entertainment, providing concise and often quirky definitions for 5000 words and phrases across such diverse subject areas as Gendermaps & Gendermachy; Fornication & Fecundation; Organs & Orifices; Erotolepsis & Erotopraxis; Prostitution & Pornography; Matrimony & Matrimonotony; and Sexotica & Sexoterica. While even the largest unabridged dictionaries contain only a smattering of the more advanced and inventive erotic vocabulary, the entries in the Erotonomicon have been selected from a corpus of 25,000 words assembled from over 300 reference works and monographs in both print and electronic media. All original words have been comprehensively catalogued and their definitions cross-checked and verified wherever possible. No entries have been coined by the compiler.

Welcome to Inkhorn’s Erotonomicon – quite simply the final word in dirty words!

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