Troubador Infinite Wisdom

Released: 01/04/2012

ISBN: 9781780880020

Format: Paperback

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Infinite Wisdom

A History of Christian Art


Infinite Wisdom gives readers a comprehensive outline of Christian art, introducing it in an accessible and compelling manner.

The text analyses and explains key elements in the work of individual artists, both well known and more obscure, and is divided into seven chapters, each of which is dedicated to a particular artistic movement.

The progress of Christian art history is charted from its glorious beginnings in the late Roman Empire and the fantastical early medieval period. This is followed by discourses on the extraordinary Renaissance years, through to the theatrical vitality of the Mannerist and?Baroque movements, and the eclectic nature of Victorian art. The final focus is on the individuality and ingenuity of modern and contemporary art.

Each artistic enterprise is placed into its contemporary historical and cultural background in the form of key events, including widespread persecution, the rise of the monastic institutions, the Reformation and Counter-Reformation. The book explains how these events have shaped Christian art history, coupled with the secular issues of plague, poverty and war. Infinite Wisdom is inspired by Eric Newton and William Neil and will appeal to fans of?art history.

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