Troubador Her Maestro's Echo

Released: 03/05/2010

ISBN: 9781848763524

Format: Paperback

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Her Maestro's Echo

Pirandello and the Actress Who Conquered Broadway in One Evening


The story of the love between Italian writer Pirandello, and his muse, actress Marta Abba.

Much has been written about Pirandello, the great artist and grandiose personality. Marta Abba’s side of the story, on the other hand, has never been adequately told.

The story features intriguing behind-the-scenes vignettes of the early history of filmmaking, including Pirandello’s suspicions of Walt Disney; Marta’s meeting with Mussolini, a fan of hers and her candid impressions of him; Marta’s marriage of convenience into the prominent Millikin family of Ohio; glimpses of an Italian media dynasty and its heavy-handed influence on the arts in general, and on Pirandello’s legacy and Marta’s career in particular.

This book sketches out the story of a modern romance between an author and an actress, between an artist and his collaborating muse, between an older man and younger women. It also attempts to tackle the subject to Marta’s sexuality, an aspect of her life that has been little known until now, and which the author had the opportunity to uncover.

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