Troubador From Terrone to Extracomunitario

Released: 03/05/2010

ISBN: 9781848761766

Format: Paperback

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From Terrone to Extracomunitario

New Manifestations of Racism in Contemporary Italian Cinema


Bigotry, racism and pernicious stereotypes, present in Italian society since the creation of the nation in 1861 especially for the North-South divide, in the last thirty years, with the emergence of immigration and the arrival into the country of people of different races and colors have acquired new relevance and stronger dimensions. From Terrone to Extracomunitario: New Manifestations of Racism in Contemporary Italian Cinema: Shifting Demographics and Changing Images in a Multi-Cultural Globalized Society consists of fourteen chapters contributed by different scholars, introduced by a comprehensive introduction and which offer an informative, challenging and thought-provoking mosaic of these social problems which with immigration have become the hottest social issue of the country. Although racism is studied mainly through film, the historic and socio-economic context provide a frame and a backdrop that make the complexity of the “crisis” of national identity a compelling problem and provides a comprehensive understanding of the social and cultural changes of the country in the last forty years.

It is a nice book.

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