Troubador Bruce Dickinson: Insights

Released: 28/11/2015

ISBN: 9781784625139

Format: Paperback

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Bruce Dickinson: Insights

An interpretation of his solo albums


Bruce Dickinson, best known as the lead vocalist of Iron Maiden, seems to have unbounded energy, ideas and imagination. He mesmerises thousands of fans with his integrity, vitality and wit.
Wouldn’t it be great to know what makes him tick?

Those who know Bruce Dickinson know: this man doesn’t do things by halves. Thus, he was voted a living example of a polymath by Intelligent Life magazine in 2009. Bruce has been recognised as a singer, a TV presenter, a record producer, a pilot and a fencer. Therefore, it should be no surprise that his lyrics also stand out. His subject matters are challenging ­­– he reflects on life and death, freedom and destiny, man and God, sex and religion.

Asked about the complexity of his lyrics, Bruce said in an interview: “I ask myself, does it rock? And if it does, who gives a s**t what’s it’s about? All information’s there if people choose to dig for it.” The treasures you can find are absolutely worth the digging. Bruce also added: “And if they don’t then it doesn’t matter, so long as they enjoy it.”

Bruce Dickinson is an undisputed master of heavy metal; his voice and music are a natural force. The subjects are extremely interesting and Bruce succeeds in artfully getting to the heart of them. This is why this book is dedicated to Bruce as a songwriter, as a poet of lyrics, some of which represent little masterpieces – even without music. They point beyond themselves by means of powerful imagery. Their ambiguity holds some surprises.

The best way to get to know the real Bruce Dickinson probably is to have a beer with him.
But he admitted that through his lyrics “you can certainly maybe get an idea of what is going {sic} on with myself,” and that’s why all fans of Bruce, and Iron Maiden, should read this book.

"Highly recommended and well worth a read for any fan of Bruce or Iron Maiden."

Review by Chris Dale, Skunkworks' former bass player on

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This book is brilliant. A unique analysis of Bruce Dickinson's solo album lyrics, taking in Crowley, science-fiction, the Occult, philosophy and psychology. Well-researched, and intelligently written, this compelling book invites the reader to consider the subtext and influences permeating Bruce's song lyrics. After reading it, I felt compelled to re-listen to the albums immediately, in order to appreciate all of the information I had previously overlooked! Superb.

by Simon Jeremy Mills

'Bruce Dickinson: Insights' is currently newest book about one of the most famous heavy metal frontmen in history. The name 'Insights' spoils very original theme, it’s an analysis of Bruce’s songs from his solo carrier.

The book, having 185 pages – annotations included, represents very nice and interesting reading. Author of the book Brigitte Schön let herself into the interpretation of texts with a help from history, mythology, psychology and philosophy. Even Bruce once said, that in his texts you can find many treasures and it’s just up to us if we try to decipher them. Decrypted are albums: 'Tattooed Millionaire', 'Balls to Picasso', 'Skunkworks', 'Accident of Birth', 'The Chemical Wedding', 'The Best Of Bruce Dickinson' and 'Tyranny of Souls'.

The book is filled with illustrations and divided into well-arranged chapters according to albums. But if you want to read about your favourite song and you can’t remember from which album it is, don’t worry! At the end of the book you can find register of all songs. Some texts are simple and have only few paragraphs but some take even several pages.

I like the book and highly recommend to read it!

by Lucie Maranova, Spark Magazine

Brigitte Schön

After studying German and Romance literature and linguistics at Heidelberg University, BRIGITTE SCHÖN has been teaching French and German to students between ten and nineteen years of age at a college in Baden-Wuerttemberg since 2006. She lives with her husband and her cat in the Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.

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