Troubador Between the Lines

Released: 01/02/2012

ISBN: 9781780880648

Format: Paperback

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Between the Lines

A History of Haven


Between the Lines explores the enigmatic story of Haven, possibly one of the most overlooked bands of the last decade. It is in turn a critique of the demise of the music industry which has arguably lost its way, shrivelling under conservative conglomerates and allowing little room for innovation, creativity or true excitement.

Haven crash-landed in Manchester at the tail end of the nineties. They quickly found their feet and voices as well as a devoted fan base, following a joyous residency at the legendary Night and Day Café. Soon after, Radiate Records (Virgin) asked them to sign on the dotted line. The summer of 2000 found the band recording at Clear Studios, watched over and encouraged by the inspirational Johnny Marr. 2002 dawned beautifully with the release of their album Between the Senses that hurled Haven into all corners of the planet. They were repeatedly met with critical acclaim, wild applause and their fair share of rock ‘n’ roll misadventure.

The book, which is the first to be written about Haven, speaks of the chemistry and camaraderie, the struggles and the smiles shared by this group of musicians against the backdrop of 21st century Manchester. Author Mary has weaved her own autobiographical sub-plot around their story, giving the book a particularly intimate perspective. In-depth interviews were conducted with all of the band members, resulting in a good measure of the narrative being in their own words. It is an authentic and accurate account of a largely untold journey that shines a light in an alternative corner of the celebrated Manchester music scene. Mary is inspired by Jack Kerouac and other Beat Generation writers. Between the Lines will appeal to fans of music and those interested in Manchester's cultural history.

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This is a compelling and entertaining tale of a band and their fleeting relationship with success. In many ways it's a timeless story, guys form a band, get signed, sell a truck load of records, tour Japan, then...well I won't give the game away.

What makes this particular story so interesting is the boys themselves. Mary wisely quotes the band members verbatim (over a glass or two, no doubt) and their humour and character really shines through. The band are always likable, grounded and entertaining guys. You really root for them, through all their ups and downs.

The tale also interlaces with ex members of The Smiths, so it's a recommended read of any fan of Morrisey, Marr and Moss, as well as Hooky and New Order.

Buy it. Read it. Share it and enjoy!

by Jon Tindale

After reading the full page article about the book in the NME I knew it was going to be on my Amazon Wishlist pretty soon. Not knowing a lot about the band before I started reading really didnt matter as the story involves so many exciting elements that pick you up and just carry you along that I'm sure I wasn't the only one who at 2am was bargaining with myself that I'd read just one more chapter and then turn off the light!

The internal politics of the band are played out for us against a back drop of record compnay intrigue, the author's own autobiographical connection to the band and the bright lights and dark corners of Manchester's music scene.

Buy it! You'll be glad you did.

by Nick Campbell

Whether you are familiar with Haven's music or not, this beautifully crafted narrative makes for a compelling read. As the title suggests, there is subtlety to the story; the author portrays the band with honesty and sensitivity, giving them room to tell the story largely in their own words.

The real joy of Between the Lines: A History of Haven is the way in which the writer weaves the broader narrative throughout, allowing for its appeal to both fans of Haven and to those who love music, biographies or simply a story of a bunch of guys whom you root for throughout.

Warming, marvellously creative and tingling with subtle emotional energy - this book is a joy and you won't want to put it down.

by Vivienne Lindley

An excellent insight to the evolution of a band who may not have reached the heights they were destined for, but won many admirers along the way. In an extremely fickle industry Haven retained many core fans who urged their continuance and reunion. The book perfectly describes the relationships within the band and various adventures they enjoyed. You don't need to be one of those hard core fans to remember and enjoy this book.

by Paul H

Haven't read it but I know it will be awesome

by Haven Rock

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