Troubador A Kingdom for a Stage

Released: 28/03/2018

ISBN: 9781788034692

eISBN: 9781789010404

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A Kingdom for a Stage


Written in honour of the four hundredth anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare.

The action takes place in the Heavens, Elizabethan and Stuart London, and modern day.

Provides a unique view of the off-stage life of Shakespeare.

William Shakespeare sits in the heavens with his peers excited by the recreation of his Globe theatre in London and by the four hundredth anniversary of his death. He recalls his going to London in his own lifetime, and how he felt that developments in knowledge and science at that time heralded a bright future. With Puck’s assistance he returns to the London of the present day believing that everything is very much better. 

When he discovers things are not nearly as rosy as he thought he decides to “torment them (the people of the present day) for this error.” Christopher Marlowe intervenes pointing out that Shakespeare’s own life was flawed.

The play compares the Britain of the Elizabethan and Jacobean age with the Britain of Elizabeth II, and contrasts Shakespeare the public man as expressed through the general line of his plays with Shakespeare the private man. At the end of the play, Shakespeare reminds the audience that while history cannot be changed, they still have a choice as to their own future. 

“... it is certainly a heartfelt tribute to the bard. I think the man himself would have rather enjoyed it.”– Genni Trickett, London Theatre 1

This play was an interesting way to give some information about Shakespeare. I am not sure as to how accurate the story about his family is but it feels like it could possibly be true. Act 2 would be better as a separate storyline. The family storyline was more appealing to me, and I would liked to have read more. I am interested in seeing this performed.

by Davina Wiles (via NetGalley)

Tony Diggle

Tony's professional career has been in information science, management consultancy and strategic foresight, but creative writing has been a lifelong interest.

He is currently a member of two actors and writers groups: Player-Playwrights (since 1995) and Actors and Writers London (since 2010). As the long-term treasurer of Player-Playwrights, he has been involved in managing the financing of showcases on their behalf at the Soho Theatre, Arts Theatre and the King's Head, and four productions altogether on their behalf at the Camden Fringe Festivals of 2011 and 2012, at the Jerwood Theatre, RADA, the Etcetera Theatre and two at the Tristan Bates.

He has been an acting member of the Questors' Theatre, Ealing since 1981, and has also appeared with them on tour at the Edinburgh Fringe and at the Minack Theatre, Cornwall. He was on the staff of the BBC for six years in the early 1980s, and during this time he was a member of their Studio Amateur Dramatic Group (SADG), which performed and recorded radio plays in studio. He has been a friend of Shakespeare's Globe for over twenty years, and does regular duties on the Friends Desk there.

He has now published three plays with Troubador: A Kingdom for a Stage (2018), Show me the Money (2021) and Facing the Enemy (2021).

He produced A Kingdom for a Stage at the Chelsea Theatre in 2016. Reviews of the production are available below:

The radio version of A Kingdom for a Stage was broadcast twice on in 2017. It was repeated twice in 2020.

He also produced Show me the Money at the Chelsea Theatre in 2013.

Tony Diggle
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