Troubador There's an Earwig in my Fish Tank

Released: 28/01/2017

eISBN: 9781788038140

Format: eBook

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There's an Earwig in my Fish Tank

The strife and crimes of Amoeba Montgomery Two-by-Four the First and his pals


There’s an Earwig in my Fish Tank is a startlingly honest account of being a pet owner. When Helen Collins and her partner decided to adopt Monty they were totally unprepared for how he’d change their lives. An abandoned and completely untrained puppy, Monty had behavioural issues and a tendency to create utter havoc, eating, blundering and stampeding through their lives. 

Interspersed with throwback tales of the mayhem wreaked throughout the years, this is also the story of the chaotic menagerie of pets that they have always nurtured. Funny, witty and full of comedy dramas, There’s an Earwig in my Fish Tank is also the poignant narrative of life in the beautiful mid-Wales countryside, surrounded by the pitfalls and joys of living with a selection of rescue animals. Helen has created a celebration of pet ownership, but it does not shy away from the traumas that can come with taking care of animals. It highlights the need to understand the commitment of taking on a pet, as well as the tears and laughter it brings with it. It is also a gently self-mocking look at the age old perceived differences between male and female logic and decision making, set within a relationship that has lasted 25 years. Add in an unexpectedly manically disruptive canine to a settled household and this book is a comment on the persistence, love, frustrations and enthusiasm that all true animal lovers will recognise. 

There’s an Earwig in my Fish Tank will appeal to all self-confessed animal lovers, as well as anyone considering getting a pet. Inspired by John Grogan’s Marley & Me, it will make the reader laugh and cry but above all it aims to convey the absolute pleasure of looking after an animal, winning its trust and living and growing together.

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