Troubador The Shell and Other Stories

Released: 28/05/2016

ISBN: 9781785891816

Format: Paperback

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The Shell and Other Stories


The Shell and Other Stories is a selection of twenty-two finely crafted short stories which address every aspect of human nature. With a diverse range of content, characters and settings, the reader is taken on a worldwide journey through almost every sphere of society. A Sri Lankan shell-seller, overwhelmed by the cruel hand life has dealt him, must make some difficult decisions; a seemingly innocent couple are not quite what they seem; a spy lost in enemy territory must outwit his pursuers; an Italian philanderer’s misdeeds catch up with him; a young man must prove his worth to a very influential boss. The Shell and Other Stories deals with thought-provoking issues such as loss, separation and loneliness. In the midst of despair, however, love, hope and humour often shine through. The collection is intended to surprise, horrify and make you laugh – sometimes all three at the same time. One thing is certain: you are sure to reflect on your own life and experiences. If you want an honest thrill, to hear what it’s like to speak to the dead, to grimace about life’s unfairness, to have a good laugh or shed a tear, The?Shell and Other?Stories is the short story anthology for you.

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