Troubador The Rumigations of Watson the Wotsitt

Released: 24/04/2019

eISBN: 9781838598938

Format: eBook

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The Rumigations of Watson the Wotsitt


Who? Wott? Wossatt? Wozziss?

I would like to introduce you to Watson the Wotsitt. He’s an incredibly talented double-bubble who writes rumigations that are furiously fun, memorably moving, and make you smile uncontrollably. If you just sit back and relax, Watson’s unique and refreshing voice will lead you to your inner mojo! You will be able to dip into the depths and delights of doing nothing, and remember!

Watson the Wotsitt is here to remind you that feeling sad is not only useless but also harmful. He’s going to help you re-spiff your sparkle and fizz your buzz! Once Watson – and you – have got your inner marbles and your outer astrals into coordification and started rumigation reading, you will meet many colourful and creative characters such as Lynne Gwist, the trilingual secretary, Ray Sauce the jockey or Dick Shunnery, the idiomologist. Don’t miss ‘how to turn left in a boat’, or how Dr. Cyril Ick helped Watson to find his lost ‘D’s… truly my Julie !

Watson’s rumigations not only flood the pages of this book but they also infiltrate your inner laughlines, tackling tickles in a such a riprolling way that you will soon be calling the curtains for more, more, more… !

4.5 Stars for this utterly unique, incredibly clever book. While I’m sure this won’t be a hit with everyone, these stories, told completely in plays on words, were a rare blend of intelligent humor and lighthearted fun.

by Fran

This was a lovely collection of essays that used plays on words in each one. One essay had no d's. It is a fun light book that will entertain and make you laugh. Highly recommended.

by Rose

Quirky. Intriguing. Fresh. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel from start to finish. The author uses beautiful language to convey tone and make readers think.

by Taylor

A great collection of essays that use play in words in each one. This is a great book for dipping in and out of as the essays aren’t that long. But they are all very enjoyable and it’s always nice to read something different from the norm.

by Elizabeth

Very well done. This author is very talented and creative and smart. The story with no Ds reminded of one of Steve Martin's books where one of his characters goes a few days without speaking any words with Es (that would really be a challenge!). Anyway, for some intellectual stimulation and humor, check this out.

by Paul

Helen Claire

Helen was born and brought up in Yorkshire, then born again (as Helene!) in France twenty-two years later. Her love of languages took her all over Europe and sometimes further, but it was in France that she decided to settle. She currently works at the National Gliding Centre in the Southern Alps, and lives in a lovely old stone house in a friendly village. When not looking after glider pilots from all over the world she writes songs (accompanied by her guitar), and practises yoga. She visits family and friends in England whenever possible, and her son lives in Sydney, which is an excellent excuse to travel down under.

Watson bubbled out of a crack in her broken heart a long time ago, and he taught her to laugh at herself and at life when things were tough. And he still does!

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