Troubador The Little Book of Anger

Released: 01/08/2012

ISBN: 9781780882208

eISBN: 9781780888293

Format: Paperback/eBook

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The Little Book of Anger


The Little Book of Anger has been written as an antidote to the genre of inspirational books which aim to make the reader a better and happier person. It is a diatribe about many of the aggravating and irrational aspects of modern life, but done with much humour, a certain amount of research and a great deal of observation and some ill-suppressed exasperation. 

There are thirty chapters in all, each focussing on an aspect of modern life that can cause irritation – from chewing gum to the assault on the English language. The book explores some of the major irritants of life in way that will chime with readers, even if they don’t agree. As one reviewer put it, the pleasure of the book is in agreeing with most of it – and getting cross with the rest. 

This book is not intended as a literary version of Grumpy Old Men and Grumpy Old Women, but if you liked those, you’ll love this!

Giddy Limits

Gavari Gujarat

Gloucester Echo

Evesham Observer

Evesham Journal

What a wonderful book! I read it on the plane and enjoyed every minutes of it. Indeed it brought to the forefront of my consciousness so many of the things that I dislike but had simply relegated to the cerebral rubbish bin. So pleased that I can get back to real dislikes once again. Anyway I look forward to volume 2 where no doubt you will deal with other egregious issues such as mission statements, political manifestos, etc.

by Clive Grossman

I have thought I was alone in getting furious at obscure road signs, madly gesticulating news journalists, the wrong and over use of words but now I have someone to not only support my views but take them further. This is a very amusing book that hooked me from the very first paragraph.
I am sure he can find more things to write about so I look forward to a follow up.

by review

Martin Wilson

Martin Wilson QC was, for many years, in practice at the Bar. He specialised in criminal law, defending and prosecuting in cases of murder, fraud, corruption and other serious crimes, both in England and Hong Kong. He always has enjoyed writing for pleasure but,had preferred to avoid the subject of the Law. However, his latest book, 'The Trial of Lester Chan' lifts the lid on what it is like be involved in a criminal case from the points of view of counsel for the defence, counsel for the prosecution and the trial judge.

He has three grown-up daughters and he and his wife, Julia, live in the Cotswolds

Martin Wilson

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