Troubador The City Grump Rides Out

Released: 28/04/2019

eISBN: 9781789019957

Format: eBook

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The City Grump Rides Out


The City Grump Rides Out is a collection of clever, acerbic and, at times, downright hilarious commentaries on the business and political landscape of the United Kingdom. Through his colourful and observant prose, the City Grump roots out some of the absurdities perpetrated by the leaders and institutions of the country.

For the past nine years, the City Grump has been turning his fire on those he believes we would be better off without in his regular column for Real Business. Now, he compiles these popular articles covering contemporary finance, politics, Europe and society in a topical book for equally grumpy readers with a cover illustrated by Britain’s most famous living cartoonist, Gerald Scarfe.

But the Grump, who trod the Square Mile for three decades as a successful fund manager is not solely negative. Through his debut book, he raises a glass to small business whose entrepreneurs are the foundation of the UK.

Leaders beware… 

Praise for The City Grump Rides Out: 

‘A collection of the sharpest and funniest essays he has written over the last nine years. City Grump Rides Out should be on the table in the receptions of all financial firms and on the desks of its regulators across the square mile and in Whitehall as a reminder that someone, somewhere, is watching them and waiting to take up their pen.’ – Maggie Pagano, Reaction Weekend

 ‘There must be 100 of his articles in this collection, and much of the City stuff has a sureness of touch which is quite special.’ – Anthony Hilton, Evening Standard

 ‘And he’s not a man to pull his punches. One of them is entitled “Is Mark Carney the most dangerous man in Britain?” Hazell-Smith is a man who writes to irritate as much as to inform and entertain.’ – Jeremy Warner, The Telegraph Economic Intelligence Newsletter

 ‘In The City Grump, Hazell-Smith has created a character who’s a pin-up figure for the British public against the government and big financial organisations.’ – Annie May Noonan, Real Business.

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