Troubador The Alternative Baby Keepsake Book

Released: 28/01/2018

ISBN: 9781999758905

Format: Hardback

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The Alternative Baby Keepsake Book

Laugh Out Loud Memories from Baby's First Year


Having a baby is a beautiful, life-changing event, but it also brings with it
more than a few funny, embarrassing, and very, very smelly moments.

Contemporary and comprehensive, as well as being laugh out loud funny.
Acknowledges the challenges of child-rearing with humour and honesty.
For fans of The Unmumsy Mum and the best-selling Hurrah for Gin.

From the most cack-handed comment Dad made in the delivery room to Baby’s first poo-tastrophe in public, The Alternative Baby Keepsake Book will help parents record the not-so-magical but frequently hilarious flipsides of pregnancy, birth and life with a newborn.

Inspired by the Mumsnet generation who no longer aspire to parental perfection but instead acknowledge the challenges of child-rearing with humour and honesty, the book will have readers laughing out loud and reflecting on their own weird and wonderful parenting methods. Not only will readers have huge fun filling in this book, they can also look forward to sharing it with their beloved sproglets many years from now. For best results, they should do this in front of a large crowd – calling it payback time for all the mortifying moments their delightful offspring caused them!

The book is illustrated by Peter King, an award-winning cartoonist whose work has been featured in Private Eye, Punch, The Spectator, Reader's Digest and many other leading publications.

27/03/18: Beyond chuffed to see a third five-star review for The Alternative Baby Keepsake Book on Amazon.

5 out of 5 stars: Great book,great idea!
26 March 2018
Genuinely funny book with lots of 'LOL' moments.Will bring back some cringe memories for all Parents!.Illustrated with great cartoons to, this book is a most welcome antidote to some of the other syrupy baby book efforts.Brilliant!
Delighted that The Alternative Baby Keepsake Book has received two five-star reviews on Amazon.

5 out of 5 stars: A must have book
26 February 2018
Bought this for a friend and after going through the book am jealous and wish I had a baby to fill it out for. A must buy a great babyshower or christening present. More than good value for money as its jammed packed and I laughed all the way through.

5 out of 5 stars: Truly original and funny
28 February 2018
This is a truly original and far more entertaining baby keepsake book than the multitude of nice but predictable and samey offerings I've seen to date. It offers extensive coverage of, and the opportunity to record, all those disconcerting and unexpected moments which often take new parents aback if they've not had much or anything to do with babies before, that aren't covered in antenatal classes and the usual pregnancy/baby books . Occasions that might have led to tears will instead lead to smiles and laughter and notched up on the road to fully fledged membership of the parent club. Experienced parents will laugh in rueful recognition. It is very well put together with lots of funny illustrations too.

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