Troubador Sir Humphrey’s Last Stand

Released: 28/09/2018

ISBN: 9781789014624

eISBN: 9781789012040

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Sir Humphrey’s Last Stand


Sir Humphrey’s Last Stand takes readers on a medieval romp in a story with a tenuous grasp on reality, and history. Despite the doom and gloom, everyone seems pretty perky indeed and there is a scattering of buffoonery throughout.

The King of France has routed the incompetent English, who can’t decide whether to fall asleep on the job or shoot themselves in the foot first – with an arrow of course. Only Sir Humphrey and his men at Mont St Bernard remain on French soil. French spies have infiltrated the Mont, but their dashing looks attract the attention of the lust-struck women of the castle. The local Mayor can’t make up his mind whether he supports the English or French, depending on who is holding a knife to his throat at the time. A gallant young knight and a lady in waiting find themselves unwittingly trying to save the day as they encounter colourful characters and a pirate or two along the way.

Unfortunately despite his military might, battles won and being ordained by God, no one seems to take King Louis very seriously. But perhaps his greatest threat to defeating the English are the two dimwit conscripts who slowly but surely cause havoc in everything they touch.

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This is a terrific book. Great, original humour. It draws you in with an array of endearing characters, and their escapades make for a fun and compelling tale. The story is well-paced, cleverly plotted, and ingenious. You want the good guys to win but the bad guys are pretty fun too.

Highly recommended. You’ll love it.

by RD

We loved it, great story, great characters, great names......Laughing out loud to quiet sniggers
English humour at its best......Good enough for a TV series......G&T

by G&T

I think the book is terrific!!!! I remember laughing so hard out loud during the battering ram scene that my wife came in from the garden to check I was not choking on my custard tart. Brilliant the author really has an eye for comedy..

by Derek

Don't forget the Hairdressing scene in the same Chapter 10 Derek , also laugh out loud!!!!!!

by J

A good read with some risque comments !!

by JB

Funny as. Some episodes reminded me of Monty Python and others (such as the 'bull's eye' scene) a Carry On film.

by Chris

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