Troubador Rich Upon Thames

Released: 28/08/2018

ISBN: 9781789014044

Format: Hardback

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Rich Upon Thames


“Although it’s really nice to meet you both, Mother and Father have asked us not to spend too much time socialising with you.

They said they’ve spent a lot of money on our private education and do not want to risk having our consonants being corrupted nor having our vowels becoming contaminated.

I hope you’ll understand . . .”


Rich Upon Thames, Jules Ede’s second Adult Humour book, takes us on a satirical journey, as we view a spectrum of residents ranging from ‘comfortably off’ to ‘extremely wealthy’, who have migrated to the respectable and genteel Victorian hamlets and boroughs along the banks of South West London’s River Thames. It draws on situations the author has observed, from conversations overheard, and situations experienced whilst residing with his wife and children in one of South West London’s more desirable and cosmopolitan locations.


Although following in a similar vein as the popular Adult Ladybird books, this book is unique in its choice of subject. Although we may view this prosperous species with a degree of amusement, and perhaps even a minority, with condescension, the author would not be surprised if we might subconsciously be harbouring a few molecules of envy.


The 25 original illustrations, by Yorkshire artist, Jane Peryer, accurately reflect these honed narratives and portray the incisive humour evident in each. You may even recognise certain individuals who have their equivalents residing in your own local neighbourhoods...

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Jules Ede

Jules (Julian) Ede studied Dentistry at Guys Hospital Dental School, and practiced in central London for thirty years before having to retire for health reasons in 2015. Married with two children to support, he decided to venture into the world of Adult humour writing, drawing on his experience of living in a genteel, yet surprisingly cosmopolitan borough of South West London.

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