Troubador Quotes, Jokes & Anecdotes

Released: 01/05/2012

eISBN: 9781780889078

Format: eBook

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Quotes, Jokes & Anecdotes

How to spend two hours chuckling


Quotes,?Jokes and Anecdotes is a humorous anthology that will entertain you for hours – two, at least, as promised by author Gerard O’Boyle.

It has three objectives; the first of which to make you laugh and raise your endorphin levels. The second objective is to provide ideas for those who have to make a speech, whether at a wedding, preside at a meeting or introduce a speaker. Who has not day-dreamed of at least once in their life of delivering a speech which garnered applause and caused merriment due to wit, humour and charm? No one wants to make a faux pas. The key is a liberal sprinkling of humourous stories and quips. Many adverts on television employ humour to convey their message in order to leave a lasting impression. The last objective is to make your conversation sparkle so that you can be more entertaining at social events and never be lost for a clever riposte or comeback, rather than thinking of one hours later when the moment has passed.

The 1,443 entries from 561 sources on 190 subjects in this book will help do just that. There are numerous original quotes, jokes and anecdotes in addition to many contributions, including many from Woody Allen, George Burns, Zsa Zsa Gabor, George Bernard Shaw, Oscar Wilde, W C Fields, Rodney Dangerfield, Henry Youngman and Mae West – all of Gerard’s favourites.?Prominent categories are sex, marriage, politics, money, religion, gender and insults. Quotes, Jokes &?Anecdotes can be enjoyed by anyone over 16 and will make a perfect present. Dip in and out, fold the page down on your favourites, write them on paper and carry them around with you! A chuckle-a-page read.

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