Troubador Poke Fun at a Pharisee

Released: 28/10/2019

eISBN: 9781838597306

Format: eBook

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Poke Fun at a Pharisee


Richard Goring was still hunting with the famed Mid Surrey Farmers’ Drag Hounds when he wrote this little book at the age of 81.

Drag-hunting is not a blood sport; hounds follow a scent laid by a runner over selected cross-country fences which, for MSFDH members, include some of the most formidable obstacles tackled by any pack in the UK.

Because of his long and mottled history with the MSFDH, Richard was asked to invent outrageous graces to commence proceedings each year at the hunt’s annual 'Farmers’ Dinner'.

His wife Jane was killed in November 2018 whilst out with MSFDH and Richard said his final grace in January 2019, after which he compiled this little book for circulation around hunting friends and MSFDH farmers.

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