Troubador David Lloyd George

Released: 28/09/2014

ISBN: 9781783065561

Format: Paperback

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David Lloyd George

A Biography in Cartoons


This review of cartoons of the life of one of the major politicians of the twentieth century is unique in covering Lloyd George from the first cartoon in May 1894 to his death in March 1945. The context for the cartoons is provided through a summary of his life, the special features of Lloyd George as an 'outsider' and the social economic and political environment. The book proceeds through the major events in his life – the Boer War, the 1909 Budget and struggle with the House of Lords, the Marconi scandal… His role as 'the man who won the War', as a divisive figure in the Liberal Party and then the initiator of proposals to reduce unemployment is also shown. A further chapter focuses on attempts to portray him as a man playing many parts – snake charmer, music hall performer, revolutionary, Charlie Chaplin...

Journal of Liberal History

The Political Quarterly

Lloyd George Society

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