Troubador Barry and Bev

Released: 28/02/2017

eISBN: 9781788032247

Format: eBook

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Barry and Bev

The Big Concert


Kenthorpe Working Men’s Club in the north of England is in dire financial difficulties. To try and help the situation, the Committee come up with emergency measures, including a top-class act booked for Saturday night concerts. The first concert is a brilliant success; the concert room is full to capacity by 6:30pm and the takings are up by 109%. As word spreads, the number of punters sharply increases. This causes problems for some of the members’ wives, as they can’t get into the club early enough to get a seat. The club’s ‘Men Only’ room is frequented by a few of the older club members, but Rule No. 57, which bars women from the room, still stands from when the club was built in 1932. The women decide to challenge this as seats are always available in the ‘Men Only’ room. The ladies’ section come up with the idea to make the ‘Men Only’ room into a ‘Members Only’ room. Never mind an outdated rule, this is the twenty-first century! The oldies fight against this and a committee vote backs them. In a final push, the women decide to fight for full membership. This is rejected so the women boycott the club in favour of a rival club, The Bluebell, taking all their activities (and takings) with them. This causes a rift between the men and women on both personal and private levels. Local and national newspapers, local radio and television take up their stories, making this worse. A standoff ensues, which ends in devastating consequences... Extremely funny, yet thought-provoking, Barry and Bev will appeal to those looking for a light-hearted tale with substance.

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