Troubador World War Two: Heads of State, Politicians and Collaborators

Released: 28/09/2018

ISBN: 9781789013108

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World War Two: Heads of State, Politicians and Collaborators

A Concise Outline


Jack J. Kanski presents concise, illustrated books exploring the roles of the key personalities during the Second World War and their contributions in the conflict.  

Following on from the first five books in his A Concise Outline series, Kanski now offers readers information pertaining to the influential individuals from Great Britain, the USA and the Soviet Union, amongst others. In World War Two: Heads of State, Politicians and Collaborators Kanski divides the information into three parts: firstly describing heads of state such as Roosevelt and Emperor Hirohito, before moving on to other politicians such as Churchill and Reynaud, and finally concluding with important collaborators during the period.  

These books are designed as companion texts and when read together will give readers a good understanding of the important people and their contributions. Written in a reader-friendly bullet-point format accompanied by many colour images, Kanski’s latest book will act as a stepping stone for the general reader interested in World War Two.

Written in a bullet points form and supplemented with portraits, Heads of State provides a succinct high level summary of WWII politicians and their contributions and role in WWII. As indicated in the title, this is a concise summary, rather than a detailed outline and therefore suitable for readers looking to refresh their memory or gain a basic understanding of WWII politics.

I sometimes struggle to keep my attention when reading history books as they are often dry and lengthy. Jack J. Kanski's book does not fall into that category. I found the book very easy to read and finished it in one sitting.

by Nadia MacCallum

This book is an outline of key figures relating to WWII, so the information is of course not in-depth. It is helpful to use to sort out "who's who" in what was a very complex multi-year, multi-country conflict. Avid WWII historians will likely know all of this already, but it should be helpful to those who are starting to dig deeper into WWII history.

by Janette Forman

I really enjoyed reading, "World War Two: Heads of State, Politicians, and Collaborators," because it gave each country, commonwealth a brief introduction and gave a 'bulleted" display of information. The book is an easy read and shares a wealth of knowledge (suitable for even high school students). One bullet under FDR says, "in September 1940 Roosevelt gave 50 destroyers to Britain in exchange for military base rights in the islands of the British Caribbean".; I didn't know anything about that and there is so much more.

by Beverly Washington

Great outline of the who's who for all side during World War 2. Pictures and quick detail for individuals by country. Great reference when reading Historical books to help keep everything straight.

by Lynne Ernst

Enjoyed the photos and all of the interesting information! As a History lover and Holocaust Researcher, I cannot recommend this book highly enough!

by January Gray

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