Troubador We Remember

Released: 01/12/2011

ISBN: 9781848767874

Format: Paperback

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We Remember


We Remember is an anthology of memoirs based on the experiences of Jewish children who survived under Nazi rule. Each chapter, written by a different survivor in their own words, gives insight into one family's experience during this terrible period of history. Coming from different nationalities, differing cultural, educational and social backgrounds, and families who practised a variety of religious observances including those who barely identified themselves as Jews, their voices are all individual. All aged sixteen and under at the end of the war - even down to a baby born in Mauthausen concentration camp in April 1945 - possibly the only thing they have in common is that they all had at least one Jewish grandparent. For this they were condemned to death. We Remember is so the world will not forget; in the hope that the world will not turn its back on other genocides.

"WE REMEMBER" has a full page review in the October edition of the Muswell Flyer.

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