Troubador The Umzindusi Letter

Released: 28/08/2017

ISBN: 9781788033619

eISBN: 9781788030113

Format: Paperback/eBook

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The Umzindusi Letter


The shooting of Lord Erroll in the famous ‘Happy Valley’ murder case in 1941 has never been explained. It has sparked a host of wild rumours and theories, several books, and a film with a ridiculously wrong ending. Living in Kenya as a child in the late 1930’s, Tim knew several of the people who would be involved in the affair. It is only now, over 75 years later, that the truth seems to be emerging due to his most recent researches.

A “Wartime Necessity”, reluctantly ordered by Churchill as he became Prime Minister, has always been seen as a possible answer to this mystery. Tim’s unique inside knowledge extends the link between Churchill and this event in an unexpected dimension, which has never before been revealed until this book.

Tim unfolds the story exactly as it developed, from initial shock through to tentative suspicions, then to final discoveries and the only piece of positive proof that has not been destroyed: an oblique message from Winston to his grandfather. After authoring several stories this time Tim is not writing fiction.

On balance Tim is convinced this is the true explanation of the famous murder. How about you?

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