Troubador The Story of Sandy Bells

Released: 28/07/2014

ISBN: 9781784621001

Format: Paperback

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The Story of Sandy Bells

Edinburg's World Famous Folk Bar


Sandy Bells, an assuming little bar in central Edinburgh is world famous for its folk music and many famous folk musicians have honed their performances in the pub. This illustrated history reveals how the bar rose from obscurity to become world famous. Who was Sandy Bell? What musicians from the bar became internationally famous? Why is it still in the top five sites recommended in Edinburgh? What is the allure to Sandy Bells that famous poets, artist, writers and musicians have immortalised it in their craft? This history answers all the questions and more and is essential reading for lovers of folk music and Edinburgh history.


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This book crackles with the spirit that is Sandy Bells. Its good-hearted writing and excellent research make it a treat to read. The written word, photographs and other artwork are expertly balanced to tell the story of what makes Sandy Bells unique in a city filled with bars.

by Robert

I live in Edinburgh and love to listen to and play Folk music so this book was right up my street. I learnt a lot not just about Sandy Bell's, but Edinburgh too....and I read lot of local history.
I would recommend this book to anyone interested in Edinburgh, Folk Music and Scottish History

by Chris Walker

Gillian Ferguson

Gillian Ferguson was born in North Devon and spent her formative years in London before moving to Scotland. She currently resides in Edinburgh and after frequenting the famous folk bar, Sandy Bells in the city became fascinated how the little bar became so famous worldwide. Disappointed upon discovering the absence of a written history motivated Gillian to research and write the history herself. This is her first publication but hopefully not the last.

Gillian Ferguson

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