Troubador The Poverty of Planning

Released: 13/10/2017

eISBN: 9781908480620

Format: eBook

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The Poverty of Planning

Crisis in the Urban Environment


The Grenfell Tower inferno, 14th June 2017, forced urban regeneration and social housing on top of the political agenda again. There are no new texts to help us understand the implications. However, The Poverty of Planning, written in 1973, put the critical issues and safe solutions in sharp perspectives. Failed building structures and lax political response are the culprits. "Poorly designed housing for poor and minority people" is a discredited strategy. The author's action-planning goal has greater urgency today for lawmakers, property owners, planners and community leaders.

Even though this book was originally written decades ago, the problems have for the most part not been fixed, so the thoughts in this book are still relevant. I hope that this book is heeded and the situation improves!

by Janette Forman

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