Troubador The Medieval Boy Bishops

Released: 01/01/2012

ISBN: 9781780880082

Format: Paperback

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The Medieval Boy Bishops


In the mid-seventeenth century, clergyman John Gregory made a surprise discovery in Salisbury Cathedral that began to reveal the truth of the Boy Bishops. The Boy Bishops of the Middle Ages, following widespread and popular custom, supplanted the true bishops in their cathedrals for a period of time during the Christmas season.

This strange and largely forgotten tradition, stretching from the early Middle Ages to the present day, gives a fascinating insight into the medieval world and its legacy. Elected by their fellows, these Boy Bishops exercised their power in cathedrals, churches and beyond, right across Europe. They controlled services, directed the clergy, enjoyed lavish entertainment, went on visitations to great noble and religious houses and received huge sums of money. However, the topsy-turvy reign of a Boy Bishop was often accompanied by bitter eclesiastical arguments, violence, civil unrest and even murder. It is a little-known fact that the Boy Bishop tradition is still alive today.

The Medieval Boy Bishops will appeal to those interested in religious history, the peculiarities of the medieval world and the place of children in society. Author Neil was inspired to write the book by his passion for English literature and history. “I was fascinated by the idea of Boy Bishops,” says Neil. “I’m trying to bring back to life a largely forgotten corner of medieval history.” This book will revive interest in a fascinating but neglected area of medieval history in the same way as books such as A Very English Deceit, Longitude and The Mechanical Turk have done for more recent history.

I will be giving a talk on The Medieval Boy Bishops at Bookmark, the bookshop in Spalding, Tuesday 6th March 2012. This event will include a book signing.

Book Review in The Evening Telegraph (Peterborough) Monday 12th December 2011.

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Neil Mackenzie

I was born in Liverpool and was a pupil at St Margaret's Grammar School. For my first degree I read Law at the University of Liverpool, but decided against becoming a lawyer. Although I still retain a strong affection for the city and for Liverpool FC, my career has taken me to several different areas of the country and I now live in South Lincolnshire.

My first book The Medieval Boy Bishops, the research for which stretched over more than 25 years, was inspired by a love for the Middle Ages and a desire to make sense of age which was both very like and very unlike our own.

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The Medieval Boy Bishops
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