Troubador The Man and the Mask

Released: 03/07/2015

eISBN: 9781784626181

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The Man and the Mask


On 7 July 2005, Paul Dadge boarded an underground train heading towards the offices of AOL in Hammersmith, London. Like many that day, he did not complete his journey.

Forced to abandon his route, he continued on foot towards Edgware Road where the horror of 7/7 began to unfold in front of him. As survivors emerged from the station, Paul Dadge set up a makeshift triage area to care for the injured.

That morning he was photographed crossing the street and escorting one victim whose face was covered with a surgical mask. That image went right round the world within hours.

And for Paul, an incredible set of consequences followed that included almost standing for parliament and being a key figure in the Hacked Off campaign against press intrusion and phone hacking.

This is his story.

Wow! What a riveting story, could not put this book down and had to read it in one go! I felt as if I was there on 7/7 amongst all the chaos with Paul.

We all remember where we were when the first reports of the 7/7 atrocities began to filter through. This is an amazing account from a man who lived through 7/7 and how subsequent events including phone hacking, shaped his life. Could not believe some of the things the press did and how they pressured and tried to manipulate him. So glad he has turned his unplanned fame into a cause for good via First Responders and the Hacked Off campaign.

A great book, very well written and timely given the up-coming 10th anniversary of 7/7.

Well done to Paul Dadge and his ghostwriter Tony Horne for capturing the mood and atmosphere of that infamous day.

Thoroughly recommend you add this to your library.

by Carole Moyes

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