Troubador The Judges

Released: 28/08/2018

ISBN: 9781789010107

eISBN: 9781789010763

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The Judges


A true story accusing three of Her Majesty’s Judges of dishonesty 
A book which raises important questions about the power, integrity and accountability of our judges 
The judges of England and Wales – obliged by their oath of office to apply the law without fear or favour; the Magna Carta – a promise that no one will be denied justice; the rule of law – a promise that public officials, including judges, are bound by the law; Parliament – the sovereign law-maker to which the judges are subservient: is all this true or simply a pleasant fiction? 

Who will stand up to the judges? Who dares accuse them? In 2015 and 2016, the author, a retired successful solicitor, conducted a court case for a friend, which led to him accusing three judges, including one of the High Court, of having deliberately acted to defeat justice. 

This book tells the story of that case and those unprecedented accusations, and it sets out and explains the relevant law and evidence. Also implicated is Paul Kernaghan, a former Chief Constable of Hampshire, now the Judicial Appointments and Conduct Ombudsman and a senior civil servant, who the author accuses of failing in his duty to supervise a complaint of serious misconduct made against a High Court judge. 

Are the judges worthy of the respect afforded them, or, at times, do they ignore their duty, the law, Parliament and our rights?

I found this to be a really shocking story. Okay, the original case did not involve murder and mayhem, but the fact remains that, no matter how trivial the case, we would all expect a judge to act in a fair and professional manner. It seems, in this case, that did not happen. And afterwards, those who became involved only made things worse.
As a layman,I thought that it gave a fascinating insight into the workings of our legal system. But it seems to expose failings that are, at best, disappointing, and at worst, criminal.
Anyone involved in the legal profession will probably find it pretty unsettling.
I recommend you read it for yourself.

by Colin Rush

As a retired solicitor, who had a successful career as a police officer before retraining as a solicitor, Paul Osler is perfectly placed to write on the subject of upholding the law.
He writes, so eloquently, about what should have been a relatively straightforward matter, where he was helping a friend with a case of a relatively small value brought against the friend in a small claims court.

The problems started with the listing of the case and progressed disproportionately to what appears to be the blatant misconduct of three judges (a district judge, county court judge and even a high court judge). Further, as set out in the synopsis, there is no accountability, justice or even a perception or justice available to those who have been wronged by those in whom we put faith to administer the law.

This is a thoroughly interesting read and I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in the law, justice and separation of powers.

by Michelle B

This book provides a very interesting insight into the role of judges and how they act and reach their decisions.

by Peter Hardman

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