Troubador The English Hoard

Released: 28/07/2016

ISBN: 9781785892042

Format: Hardback

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The English Hoard

Photographs from another century


Jeff Krotz’s The English Hoard uncovers the lost historical images of south-east England. In particular, Jeff focuses on the photography of Oxford, Isle of Wight, Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Kent and Sussex in the 1900’s. As seen in photographer Francis Friths’s documentary photographs of England, Jeff’s image have an added romantic and sensorial quality not always found in photo documents. The English Hoard explores how images are a simple play of dark and light; shadows that emerge to consume the light that shape our perception. For Jeff, a single image preserved at a single time; with that blink of the aperture and that connection made, that micro-moment is already long passed for the chronicler of time. It is an experience with infinity. These images are to share what has passed with what is now and what may be yet to come. Jeff believes the photograph is the latency of the time and the place, a mortality yet to be realised. The English Hoard uncovers some of these fascinating images. “Just as a smell or a sound may stir memories and remind us of a time and place or open a door to a familiar past experience; the same can be said of the image,” comments photographer Jeff. This book will appeal to fans of photography and also those with an interest in historical architecture, travel and collectable antiquity.

Jeff Krotz comments, "It is our history that shapes our future”.

This England

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Jeff  Krotz

Jeff Krotz is a professional social photographer since 1983. He did his college studies of Photography in Canada, now living in England’s Green and Pleasant Lands since 1995.

Photographer Jeff Krotz

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