Troubador The Bare Essentials: Kings and Queens

Released: 28/07/2020

ISBN: 9781838594336

Format: Paperback

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The Bare Essentials: Kings and Queens

Divine Right to Constitutional Monarchy


How did Henry Tudor manage to become King of England? What were the causes of the Wars of the Roses? Why is Lady Jane Grey known as the 9 days queen? ‘The Bare Essentials: Kings and Queens’ will provide the answers to these questions. 

This reference book for students gives a synopsis of each of the reigns of the rulers of England and then The United Kingdom from 1066 to the present day. Whether looking at the life of a single individual, such as Queen Elizabeth I, or discussing an event like The Peasant’s Revolt; this book will allow access, quickly and easily, to the information required. 

As well as being of interest to children who enjoy history, several of the units of study for KS2 and KS3 can be researched using this book as a starting point to gain background information. It will help the older child to appreciate the events that transformed the power of kings into the rule of democracy and parliament, leading the United Kingdom to its present constitutional monarchy. It is also just as useful for the more mature adult who wishes a glimpse of English history on a broader canvas without being overwhelmed by dates and events.

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Chris Kent Glasby

After training as a primary school teacher in Glasgow, Chris taught in International schools in the Middle East and Europe. Her final teaching position was as Deputy Headteacher of a small British school in Brussels, leaving to return to the UK and spend time researching British History, which had become a passion. She wanted to simplify the abundance of available information on kings and queens, to provide the older child, or even the non-historian adult, with a simple chronological sequence of the events under each king/queen which led the UK to its present constitutional monarchy. As life's ups and downs have a way of encroaching on the best laid plans, it has been a longer project than anticipated (eleven years to be exact). Hopefully the second book on the Scottish kings and queens will be completed in a faster timescale. Chris has already started work on this second book at her home in Lincolnshire, but may yet find herself relocating to Scotland to continue the research.

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