Troubador The Backward Glance

Released: 28/02/2022

ISBN: 9781803130361

Format: Hardback

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The Backward Glance

A Miscellany of Irish History, Politics and Culture


The Backward Glance: A Miscellany of Irish History, Politics & Culture is a rare bird. It deals with topics of Irish political and cultural history which have only received sparse and spasmodic attention. It seeks to row out over a vast ocean of material and bring from the depths exotic specimens for rechecking and review. 

It’s Political themes include: The Bouncing Heart of de Valera; Sean South and the Border WarNorthern Ireland and the Snares of History; The First Irish RepublicansOrangeism: Ireland’s Second Tradition; Parnell: The Rebel PrinceDavitt, the Fenians and the Land War; The Third Home Rule Bill and the Ulster CrisisGladstone and the Cloud in the WestSarsfield: Limerick’s Hero; Dan Breen and the IRA; O’Duffy and the Blueshirts; Kickham; An Unrepentant Fenian; Captain Boycott saves his Harvest; Revisiting The Glorious and Immortal MemoryHow Keynes got to KinnegadWhat really happened at Soloheadbeg. There are individual articles on: The Manchester Martyrs, Robert Emmet, James Dillon, Sean Lemass and Charles Haughey.

Cultural themes include: The Abbey and the Genius of the Irish TheatreMacLimmoir and the GateJohn Millington Synge: The Man and his Achievement ; Samuel Beckett and The AbsurdLecky: Historian and Liberal UnionistJohn Pentland Mahaffy: Provost and WitThe Story of London’s Irish ClubThe Limerick Pogrom; 1904Bernard Canavan: ArtistTrinity College: 300 Years On.

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