Troubador Talents & Tokens

Released: 28/05/2018

ISBN: 9781788033053

Format: Paperback

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Talents & Tokens


A magnificent contribution to our understanding of the implementation of managing diversity. 
An easy to read book on an important social issue. 
This is a challenging and innovative investigation in a much researched field. 

If the United Kingdom wishes to set international standards in fairer society and Race Relations, then it is obliged to remove the ambiguity discussed in this book. Black and ethnic minority people will then feel a sense of belonging, which in turn brings forth a sense of loyalty to the country. 

 The starting point of the book is the idea of analysis and understanding being a personal journey, indeed that all knowledge is a story. The arguments presented within it come from a combination of personal insight and theoretical analysis. As a result this is a heartfelt contribution to our understanding of the implementation of managing diversity. This work brings the questions into the open that need asking; how do we go about changing the current status quo, given this analysis? These questions also have important implications for progressive organisations.  

The urgency of the need for a dramatic change in human behaviour, and particularly the need from the commercial sector, is well presented. What has become clear is that a culture change will have to be induced at top management levels to achieve the changes necessary.

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